The Habsburgs

   The Habsburgs - one of most powerful monarchic dynasties of Europe during the Middle Ages and Modern Times. Representatives of the dynasty known as the rulers of Austria (c 1282), later transformed into a multinational Austrian Empire (until 1918) is one of the leading European powers, as well as Holy Roman Emperor, whose throne occupied by the Habsburgs from 1438 to 1806 . (with a brief break in the years 1742-1745.)

   In addition to Austria and the Holy Roman Empire, the Habsburgs were the rulers of the following states:

   Hungary in 1437-1439, 1445-1457, 1526-1918 years.;

   Czech Republic in 1306-1307, 1437-1439, 1453-1457, 1526-1618, 1621-1918 years.;

   Croatia in 1437-1439, 1445-1457, 1526-1918 years.;

   Spain in the years 1516-1700.;

   Portugal in the years 1580-1640.;

   Kingdom of Naples in the years 1516-1735.;

   Mexico in the years 1864-1867.;

   Transylvania in the years 1690-1867.;

   Tuscany in the years 1790-1859.;

   Parma in the years 1814-1847.;

   Modena in the years 1814-1859.

   as well as a number of smaller public entities.